Adult Sunday School

Can Christian education and Christian worship be mutually supportive in helping God’s word in scripture come alive in your Sunday morning experience? The answer is a resounding YES!

New Hope adults will be using a new curriculum called Feasting on the Word  that will engage us in a deeper exploration of the biblical text used in our worship services on Sundays throughout the year. Our Christian faith will be enhanced when the Scriptures read and proclaimed in worship are reinforced and expanded on through what we have been discussing during the Sunday school hour. Each lesson will approach the day’s lectionary text from four perspectives: 

Exegetical. Basic information about backgrounds and meanings of Scripture is essential to understanding. This stream asks “What?” are the important things to know about the contexts, language, and settings of the biblical passages. 

Theological. To understand the meanings of passages, we also need to ask “Where?” is God in this passage? Where are God’s will and activities being expressed? Theological questions about where God’s word comes to us in a passage are significant.

Pastoral. The implication of a biblical passage for our Christian lives makes it come alive. We ask, “So what?” What does this passage mean to me? What does it mean for my relationship with God and other people? 

Homiletical. Biblical passages shape our understandings and lives in the church. They connect us with needs in God’s world. So we ask, “Now what?” This prompts us to reflect on how our life and the church’s life can live out what the passages are saying.

Adults meet in the Old Fellowship Hall.