Columbarium Foundation Work

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Some verses of Scripture describe building work, specifically building foundations.  One thing to note about a foundation — before you can lay the foundation you have to dig.

That one is like a man building a house, who dug deeply and laid the foundation on rock; when a flood arose, the river burst against that house but could not shake it, because it had been well built.  (Luke 6:48)

I believe that God plants a spiritual foundation deeply in our hearts.  Sometimes, though,  we may need to do some digging to get back to that foundation.  We add on, pile on, and in other ways build unsustainable lives for ourselves.

Yet God’s foundation is solid, and it shows through faithful work.  For me the foundation of this columbarium symbolizes the sustenance God has provided for this congregation for 260 years.  Many faithful workers and good stewards have come through this place over the generations.  We hope to honor them by continuing to rely on that strong foundation, and continuing to do faithful work.

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