Could, Not Should: Sermon Thoughts 6/16/19

I’m a nail biter. Taking better care of my nails helps, but I still get irritated if one of them peels, or if a cuticle looks ragged. It’s hard to keep myself from “fixing” the problem with a good chomp!

If anyone reminds me to not bite my nails, it doesn’t help. I know what I should do – the problem is, can I do it?

Our text for Sunday is Romans 5:1-5.  In one part of this passage, Paul writes that suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us because of God’s love.

If I read this as a text telling me I should endure, should build my character, et cetera, it can be depressing.  I wonder if I’m up to the task.

But try reading it as an encouragement.  In other words, through God’s love we will have what we need in order to endure.  With God’s love, we will be built up and not torn down.

See you Sunday for more!

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