COVID-19 update 5/18/20

Hello Everyone,

We hope this email finds you safe and well. On May 18th, the Session met to discuss future plans for spring and summer at New Hope Presbyterian Church. The Session is concerned about the health and safety of the entire congregation, and we are aware that a number of our members are in high-risk groups for COVID-19. Because of the health risks for so many members, the Session has chosen to continue to operate in the manner we have since mid-March. For the time being:

* Services will continue to be available on our YouTube channel. If you have any trouble accessing the channel, please call the church office for assistance.
* Committees and groups will continue to meet virtually.

In addition, we will add some opportunities to stay connected with the church and congregation including:

*A Wednesday online gathering for prayer, a Bible verse or short devotion, and fellowship. Invitations will be sent out via email to all active church members and frequent attendees.
* Periodic USPS mailers to those without internet access. These mailer will contain information such as congregation joys and concerns, as well as devotions selected by Kerri, Mary Todd, Allen, Committees or Congregation Members.

When Governor Cooper allows the State to move into Phase 3 lifting of restrictions, our church will resume an in-person worship service, with safety precautions in place. Live streaming via YouTube will continue for those who need/choose to stay home. We will also use a radio frequency that reaches the parking lot to allow those wishing to participate from their vehicles to do so. More details about parking lot access will be sent out when we move to this phase.

You and your families are in our prayers. May Christ’s peace be with you all.


Members of the NHPC Session – Monty Bryant, Clint Burklin, Ginny Eads, Chasidy Kearns,
Dee Lowdermilk, Anne Montgomery, Charles Nickelson, Matt Pointdexter, Duke Thompson,
Joyce Turner, Stephanie Wittmann and Joanne Woodruff,
Jacky Rosati Rowe, Clerk of Session and Rev. Kerri Hefner

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