Adult Sunday School

Storytelling theme for Christian Education this year: “God’s Story, Our Story”

The Christian Education Committee has selected the theme “God’s Story, Our Story” as our educational focus for this year. Stories are powerful! As disciples of Jesus, we experience God when we read God’s story, The Bible. God’s gospel story is written on our hearts and alive in us. Through sharing in God’s story and our own stories of God’s work in our lives we can deepen our relationship with each other.

“It seems that over and again in Scripture, God’s rescued people are told to remember.  The Israelites are commanded to remember the great rescue from Egypt.  The exiles are told to remember God’s faithfulness.  Christians are given the Eucharistic meal as a meal of remembrance.  It seems telling and listening is a kind of corporate remembering for Christians in worship.”

-Chuck DeGroat, Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality at Western Theological Seminary, WI.

We will have opportunities for you to share your faith stories during Homecoming, in Sunday school, at our all church retreat, and as we gather for fellowship throughout the year.

New Adult Sunday School Class

This fall Kerri and Mary Todd will teach an adult Sunday school class where we will learn about our own faith stories as we learn about the story of Joseph found in the book of Genesis. From the author Sarah Heath:

“We will be looking closely at what makes a story great and how you can choose to see your life experiences as part of a larger narrative—the story of God. This will require deep engagement from you and a willingness to be honest with yourself about what kind of story you are living and seeking to live.”

This class will involve weekly reading and a commitment of four to six weeks of regular attendance. This will be in addition to our Bible study class Feasting on the Word. Please see Kerri or Mary Todd if you are interested in participating in this class.

Our longstanding adult Sunday School Bible study will also continue in 2018-2019. This class will use Feasting on the Word, a Bible study curriculum that focuses on the Scriptures read during Sunday morning worship.