Sunday School Children/Youth

To enhance learning during Sunday School, all children and youth will experience a variety of activities that accommodate the unique blend of natural skills of each individual, such as musical, visual, verbal, logical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, existential, and moral.*

Amos family baptism

Amos family baptism

The preschool class will be using learning centers based on different Bible stories like Noah’s ark, creation, Jesus and the children and will change on a monthly basis. Parents are invited to stay and help their children rotate through the centers as needed. Teachers are Diana Robinson, Elizabeth Poindexter, Chloe Strauss, Amber
Daves, and JoAnne Woodruff.

Teachers are Stephanie Wittman, Joyce Turner, Elizabeth Poindexter,
Jennifer Selvidge, Chaisdy Kearns

Teachers are Andre’ Pierce, Clint Burklin, Randy Sellers, Sarah Wilson

Adult Feasting on the Word:
Teachers are Monty Bryant, Imke Nickelson, Jim Hemminger, Helen Imbrock

This fall NHPC adults will be using a new curriculum called “Feasting on the Word” that will engage us in a deeper exploration of the biblical text used in our worship services on Sunday. Our Christian faith will be enhanced when the Scriptures read and proclaimed in worship are reinforced and expanded on through what we have been discussing during the Sunday school hour. Each lesson will approach the day’s lectionary text from four perspectives: What, Where, So What, and Now What?

What’s Your Story: Kerri Hefner and Mary Todd Peters

Classes are located upstairs in the Educational Building. Preschool Classroom, Elementary Classroom for 1st-5th graders and Disciples Classroom for youth.

* from Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences