Epiphany Stars and Watchwords

Many congregations have begun passing out stars with “watchwords” during January, to mark the season of Epiphany.  I have a collection of these from the past several years.  Here is one of my 2016 stars.

IMG_5655  I’m not sure if the creators of this new tradition are aware of it, but our brothers and sisters in the Moravian church have a long history of watchwords.  During an evening worship service, the church’s early patron Count Zinzendorf gave the congregation a watchword from Scripture to accompany them throughout the next day.  (Here is a history of Moravian daily devotionals, which carry on this tradition of a watchword:  http://www.moravian.org/faith-a-congregations/new-every-morning-a-history-of-the-daily-texts/)

What watchword is the Holy Spirit sharing with you?

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