Faith on the way to softball practice

… or swim team, or soccer, or daycare, or school, or home from after-school care…

Children learn about faith by watching and listening to adults.  Let me repeat that — children learn about faith by watching and listening to adults.  

Presbyterian pastor Becca Messman shares her experiences with children and youth in an excellent piece entitled “The Room Where it Happens,” in the Presbyterian Outlook.

Messman encourages us to quit wrangling so much over the details of Sunday morning Christian education, and to pay more attention to the “small moments” when children can ask questions or watch how adults act.

I have heard of or experienced several small moments with children:

  • at the kitchen table, where children can learn to give thanks for food.  One family in our congregation uses supper time to teach their children about how we get our food.
  • at bedtime, when a child, who has been bottling up frustration all day, finally shares her fears about a big math test.
  • when an elementary school student came home from school and anxiously reported to his dad that a friend had been bullied.

All of these are opportunities to teach about faith, ethics, character, stewardship, and all those good concepts we hope our children will learn.

I am happy that our congregation works on forming the faith of adults as well as children.  Our children learn from their parents, relatives, mentors, and fellow worshipers in the pew.

May we be thankful for and aware of these teaching and learning opportunities!

Children and adults enjoying time together


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