First Sunday of Advent

Advent is a season of waiting and hoping and preparing, receiving Christ anew in our hearts.

This past Sunday we set out our Chrismon tree.  Chrismon is a combination of the words Christ and monogram, meaning that the ornaments are symbols representing Jesus and his work in the world.  Chrismons will be placed on the tree on the second Sunday of Advent.  We also set out a Nativity scene for the Time with Children, but we won’t place the baby Jesus in the scene until Christmas.

We also light one candle representing hope on the first Sunday of Advent.


Waiting and hoping are not easy.  We are often drawn to quick fixes, instant gratification, or even people who promise to give us everything.  Waiting and hoping may seem weak to us.  Yet God came into the world in the person of Jesus, a human being who needed years to grow into his adulthood and ministry.

This Advent, may we find strength in our waiting and hoping.

The days are surely coming, says the LORD, when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and the house of Judah. (Jeremiah 33:14, NRSV)


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