Food Donations for Local Students

Several efforts are underway to help local students who depend on school meals for their daily sustenance.

Our Mission Committee is working with New Hope Elementary School to provide canned soup and spaghetti sauce.  The school has found some commercial sources of other food donations, so we are just being asked for canned soup and spaghetti sauce.

Drop off cans and jars in the plastic tub on the lower level portico (in other words, the doors that lead out from the new fellowship hall to the playground.)  Mission Committee volunteers will get the food to the school.

Orange County has several pick-up sites for families needing a school meal.  More information can be found here:

Also, anyone can go to and make a donation.  The K12 Payment Center website is normally used by families to pay for meals (paying with cash is getting to be a thing of the past!)

Thank you for your loving support of our community.

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