Pastoral Letter 3/13/20 regarding worship service

Dear members and friends of New Hope Presbyterian Church,

The session has made the difficult decision to cancel worship and all church activities on Sunday, March 15. Decisions about future Sundays and activities will be made as the time gets closer.

Mary Todd Peters and I will be working on a video that we can share with you via the church website, YouTube, and the church Facebook page. Here are some useful links:

Our church website is
Our church Facebook page can be accessed at
Our new church YouTube page can be accessed at

In addition, a widely accessible resource is the local FOX-50 TV channel, which will air services from Hayes Barton Baptist. A good number of our church members have watched the Hayes Barton services before, and have found them very meaningful.

A significant part of our worship service is prayer and fellowship. In an effort to keep some of that spirit, I suggest the following:

1. Read over the bulletin for Sunday 3/15. Pray for all those listed in our prayer concerns. (please use our Contact Us page if you are a church member and need the bulletin.)

2. Reach out via telephone to members who are on the prayer list, who are homebound, or who may not have access to online content. Reach out to your neighbors via telephone or email. Offer to bring your neighbors a meal, pick up prescriptions, or just offer a listening ear.

This second item is probably the most important thing we can do at this time. Many people feel frightened and alone. A reassuring voice over the phone can do wonders.

In the meantime I will do everything I can to keep the congregation informed via email, the church website, the phone-calling service, and the church Facebook page. Please let me know of any special concerns or if there is particular information that you need.

Seek the LORD and his strength;
seek his presence continually.
Remember the wonderful works he has done,
his miracles, and the judgments he has uttered,
O offspring of his servant Abraham,
children of Jacob, his chosen ones. (Psalm 105:4-6)

Always with joy,

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