Presbyterians in Mission: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

  Two hurricanes have come our way in the past month.  I’ve mentioned Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) in worship several times, and you may be wondering what this agency does.  Here are some examples, based on my own personal experiences and PDA news releases from the past several years:

  • Set up work camps in disaster recovery zones, and/or help congregations set up housing for disaster recovery volunteers
  • Staff the work camps with coordinators and demolition/construction supervisors
  • Help congregations build shower trailers (these are actually pretty fun!  It’s like stepping into a spa after a long day without power or water.)
  • Provide financial assistance to congregations struggling to pay basic bills after a disaster
  • Last but not least, provide spiritual support!  After one particular hurricane, local pastors (including me) received a visit from PDA regional volunteers.  I’m sure you know, it means a lot to know someone is praying for you.

You can learn more about PDA and donate at

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