Reflection for 8/23/20: art, questions & guided meditation

The Scripture for Sunday August 23 will be Exodus 1:8-2:10 — this is the story of baby Moses being hidden in a basket.

Artist and pastor Rev. Lisle Gwin Garrity offers this reflection, based on her painting of the scene.  This type of reflection is called ‘Visio divina’, or divine seeing.  I have included portions of her reflection below.  Note:  when we look at religious or spiritual art, we “read” it, meaning that we see with interpretation.

Center yourself by taking a deep breath and relaxing your body as best you can. Allow your shoulders to lower away from your ears. Let your arms rest in your lap and let your feet
be fully supported by the floor. Feel the weight of your body held by the chair. Spend this time in quiet. Open yourself up to God’s voice.
Take a deep breath in and out. Continue breathing deeply as you read the image. In this moment, simply notice the visual qualities of what you see: colors, line, shape, form, space, and texture.
Now, take a deeper look. What parts of the image are your eyes most drawn to? What parts of the image did you quickly brush by or overlook?
And now, use your imagination.
Imagine yourself in this piece. Where would you be and how would you interact with what surrounds you?

Lisle Gwin Garrity | A Sanctified Art LLC |

Used with permission

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