Sermon Thoughts for July 21, 2019

“Tell my sister to get in the kitchen and help me!”  In the reading for this Sunday, Jesus’ friend Martha gets upset at her sister Mary, who is sitting with the men listening to Jesus instead of preparing the meal.

Yet Jesus does not insist that Mary get in the kitchen.  He seems happy to have Mary as a student and friend.

On Sunday I’ll talk more about “having a seat” with Jesus and spending time with him.  I also want to give thanks for the helpers of the world, those who cook the food and wash the clothes and sweep up at the end of the night.

I found some photos of NHPC members, men and women, serving others at our New Hope Camp and Conference Center fall barbecue.  We so much appreciate all the “Marthas” who make the event happen.

Chopping BBQ at New Hope Camp

Serving at the camp BBQ

Trays of BBQ ready to serve

Chicken or pork? I’ll have both!


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