Staying grounded

Today I saw the most beautiful labyrinth. This is at White Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh. The congregation is so kind to let Presbyterians in the region (presbytery) use their space for events. As my event ended, I saw rain outside, so I walked the long way in the warmth of the building toward my car. Little did I know it would see this. It’s so new, it still smells like varnish.

In times such as these, when the world seems upside down, people of faith have to avoid getting turned inside out. There’s no time for that. As someone wise said, despair is a luxury for the privileged. Well, now is a time for hope and faith and purpose, not despair.

So how does a person of faith keep her eyes on the prize and feet on the ground? Spiritual practices are important. I love walking a labyrinth, because it’s holy ground. Walking toward the center, freeing the mind of distractions. At the center, letting the Spirit speak. Walking outward, leaving to walk on God’s earth with purpose.

Walk with Jesus, and stay grounded.

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