New Hope Presbyterian Church is home to families and individuals diverse in age, color, and background. Established in 1756 by Scottish families who moved here from Pennsylvania, New Hope now includes members from across the nation and around the globe, as well as descendants of the original settlers.

In its first 200 years, the congregation built, in succession, five houses of worship, starting with a log structure on the east side of today’s Route 86. In 2008, the church completed an addition to its fifth building to accommodate expanding activities.

While we have grown in number, our mission remains much as it was at the outset: New Hope Presbyterian Church is a family of intergenerational Christians, bound together by over 250 years of traditional uplifting worship and service to God through our missions and fellowship with one another. We are committed to the ministry of New Hope Camp and Conference Center, and to local, national and international mission programs. We devote ourselves to support our members and community in need; to be good stewards of financial, natural, and human resources; and to share our faith in God with those who cross our path.

New Hope is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We welcome newcomers enthusiastically and cherish deeply our long-time members.