Contributions to our ministries at New Hope Presbyterian Church support faith formation, mission, and care for the community.  We encourage you to support our ministries with your time, talent, and monetary donations.

Online giving options include donating from checking accounts, debit cards, and/or credit (please use credit responsibly). Donations for our general fund and discretionary fund are accepted online.

You can give on a one-time basis or on a recurring schedule.

End of Year Giving: How Your Contributions Can Make a Difference

There are several ways that your End-of-Year gifts can make a difference at New Hope Presbyterian.

  • Pledging-Supports the ongoing mission of the church, while helping the Finance Committee establish a working budget.
  • Building Fund-Places money in CDs for future building needs.
  • Music Endowment-Provides a mutual fund-based endowment to assist with Music Programs outside the scope of the annual budget.
  • Dodson Education Endowment-Provides a mutual fund-based endowment to provide scholarships and other educational opportunities for our youth.

How to Donate

By Check: In memo line write: “Pledge” “Building Fund,” “Music Endowment,” or “Dodson Education Endowment.”

Mail to the church or place in the offering plate. 

On Line : Select “Give Now” below. Place dollar amount in appropriate box. Select donation frequency. Fill in contact and bank or credit card information. Select “Process.” Receive an email from ereceipt.

Thank you for your support of our congregation and its ministries!

For further information, please contact our church office at 919-942-4710 or

Church members are encouraged to complete our Estimate of giving form and return it to the church office.

We are happy to assist you with other giving options, such as gifts of stock or donor advised funds.